Wishing Happy New Year to Your Sunday School Class Members

Tuesday 1st January, 2008

I received an e-card from a friend in South Carolina today. It was a Happy New Year card. It was nice to be remembered. He and I have worked together over the last three years on several successful projects. We have laughed and prayed together. We have shared about family successes and concerns. Our relationship has strengthened over time and around common work.

That's also what happens in Sunday School. Time, laughter, prayer, sharing, and successfully serving together brings individuals and the group together. It does not happen over night, but each experiences enriches the relationships.

That's why I want to urge you to send New Year's greetings to your class. Let them know you are praying for them. Let them know you appreciate their contributions to the class in the past year. Let them know you are expecting great things from God and from them in the year ahead. Do so in the next few days if possible!

It only takes a minute to do so--whether by e-card (some are even free) or by e-mail, phone, or card/letter. The investment of time will pay dividends. Your expression of appreciation and expectation can produce great motivation in the lives of class members. It will bring a smile to their faces--just like Roger's card did for me.

And you might even add your class prospects to the list of those you include. Your wishes could be the gentle push to attend or join your class that the prospects needed as the new year begins! Relate. Expect. Make disciples. Be revolutionary!

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