When Pastors Attend Sunday School/Small Groups, It Is Contagious!

Thursday 11th January, 2007


Pastor, do you want more of your guests to join your classes/groups? Do you want more of your members to stay connected to your church? Do you want to be able to disciple and mobilize more Christians? Do you want to multiply your ministry and start more classes/groups? Your leadership is a key ingredient to each of these. Join a group. Share about the experience. Invite. Consider the impact of your leadership:

When you participate in a class/group,

  • members and guests will see your example;
  • many will also attend, if you invite them personally;
  • your attendance makes your invitation from the pulpit more genuine and appealing;
  • many will consider it important if they believe you do;
  • you will have a current personal testimony about Sunday School/small groups to share from the pulpit and in conversation;
  • testimonies about what small groups are doing in people's lives are contagious (see the paragraph entitled, How do I effectively assimilate church attendees into my groups?);
  • your interaction in a group is another way to connect/bond with a small group of individuals;
  • you can invite guests to attend "my" class/group;
  • you will learn from the group and the group will learn from you; you will see lives transformed (and be transformed along the way);
  • some who joined because of your example, testimony, or invitation will invite others to join;
  • you can challenge/encourage the group in an area that needs support;
  • you can use your class as a positive example with groups and individuals;
  • you can share your vision for the class and church with members and prospects of the class;
  • many want to belong somewhere, but your example will help them to choose Sunday School/small groups as the place to belong;
  • your vision for assimilation, outreach, discipleship, and mobilization will seem less theoretical and more practical;
  • members and guests will realize your invitation is more than a "sales job;"
  • Sunday School/small group leaders (who are equipping the saints for works of service) will realize your support and understanding.

Your example and leadership here can be contagious! Start the infection today! Join or start a class/group. If you preach during all sessions of Sunday School, find another time to be a part of a group. Pray and ask God to use your example to invite, lead, multiply, and disciple others! Your example is important. Be contagious. Be revolutionary!

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