Teach Your Sunday School Students to Read the Bible Daily

Friday 18th January, 2008

As a Sunday School teacher or small group leader, you want to see your students grow. You want them to develop a love relationship with God. You want them to learn to obey what Jesus has commanded them (Matthew 28:20). You want them to apply God's Word to their lives daily.

Then, challenge them to read their Bible daily. An investment in a daily relationship with God in His Word will change lives. If you want your students to grow, this is one of the best steps you can lead them to take. Challenge them to read three chapters daily--then they will nearly read the Bible though in a year. If they are just starting a daily plan, you might suggest that they read one chapter daily or one passage daily.

There are lots of plans available. The Let Your Light Shine 2008 Daily Bible Reading Guide is available free online from the American Bible Society. It offers a balanced plan of Old Testament and New Testament passages (from less than a chapter to slightly more than a chapter per day). Having a balanced plan is important. This reading guide offers some good suggestions:

  • read daily;
  • find a quiet place;
  • begin with prayer; and
  • read the passage three times: once all the way through, once about the setting and words used, and once about God's message for you.
In order to follow these good suggestions offered by the ABS, it is important to encourage your students to allow enough time for daily devotions. Prayer and reading a passage through three times takes time. But the time is a great investment in your students growth a disciples of Jesus. If they only have 10 minutes, it is best to not read so much that you skip the prayer or the re-reading. In order to apply God's truth, meditation, reflection, and debriefing what God is saying in His Word is essential.

When your class invests in a growing relationship with God through daily Bible study, you will be able to watch them grow. Sunday School and small group Bible study becomes richer, deeper. Lives are changed. You'll be able to tell.

Teacher, group leader, if you don't have a daily plan, your students will notice. Start there. Challenge yourself and your students to start today. Hold each other accountable. Grow. Be revolutionary!

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