Making the Greatness of Sunday School Known

Friday 26th January, 2007


Sometimes I believe Southern Baptists have forgotten the awesome tool they have in Sunday School. A tool that works great is ignored, taken for granted, and ill-used. We are going through the motions and doing less and less with the Sunday School all the while wondering why we are not getting the results we used to get.

How are you building up the Sunday School? How are you ensuring that it is used in the fullest possible way? Kevin Colón, who is a Pastor and Serendipity trainer, offers these suggestions in an article entitled, Where the Good Stuff Happens, Part 1:

  1. Shout it out all the time:  How will people know about value of Sunday School unless you tell them? How will they understand that it is not just for children unless you say it over and over again? Say it from the pulpit. Teach your people to share their Sunday School testimony.
  2. Put your money where your mouth is: Invest in Sunday School. Budget for a great experience. Don't be afraid to spend money on publicity and mailings. Make sure your facilities are excellent. Invest in training for your teachers and leaders.
  3. Invest in [Sunday School] Leaders: I like what Kevin said here, "Do everything you can to lead, train, guide, coach, and energize your leaders." Spend time with them. Share your vision. Challenge them. Expect a lot. Remind them of the purpose of Sunday School, and do everything in your power to help them to make the most difference.
  4. Pray like crazy: Like Kevin, I agree this should be number one. But it should also be done with numbers 2-5. Surrender yourself and your Sunday School to God. Pray for His blessings and leadership. Pray for leaders, members, and prospects. Pray for goals, plans, and facilities. Seek His presence and power in all you do!
  5. Don't rely on sign ups. INVITE! People love to be invited. Take the initiative. Invite those who come to church and those you meet in the community. Look for every opportunity to invite people to fellowships, your home, and to class.
  6. Make [Sunday School] visible every Sunday: Since most guests come to worship first, make sure they never leave without hearing about and being invited to Sunday School. Share testimonies from the pulpit. Pray in worship for Sunday School. Prepare your greeters to share about Sunday School. Put something in the worship bulletin. Place Sunday School signs around the facilities.

What are you doing to get the word out about Sunday School? Got a great idea to share? Press the comments button below and share your idea with others who will follow. Start a conversation!

It is time to stand up for Sunday School. The days of mediocrity are over. Let's make sure we tell everyone about what Sunday School is doing in our lives. Let's be Sunday School revolutionaries!


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