On What Runway Can Your Sunday School Take Off?

Monday 28th January, 2008

The title of this blog post has really started me thinking. What runway (focus, step, or decision) could be the difference between a mediocre Sunday School and one that is revolutionary? What one runway could spur effectiveness, growth, and ministry? Could it be the same for every Sunday School, for every church, in every location? Or is it unique to the body of Christ that is gathered in a local church?

Come on! Share your thoughts. Start the discussion. You know me by now. You know I will! Let me share some focus areas that came to my mind for you to ponder. Could the following be the runway that is needed for your Sunday School to take off? Weigh the following and respond below by pressing the Comments button:

  • PRAYER.  Take prayer for the Sunday School and God's leadership of it seriously.
  • LEADERSHIP. Stop allowing the Sunday School to rock along as it has for years and begin to lead it somewhere to make the most difference for God.
  • GOALS. Reach for something currently beyond your grasp that God desires for your Sunday School.
  • COMMITMENT. Make important decisions and follow them through to completion.
  • TEAMWORK. Stop working as silos by accomplishing together the work God has given you.
  • MULTIPLICATION. Every leader should apprentice another leader. Every adult class should start another class. Every Christian should disciple another Christian.
  • MOBILIZATION. Every member discovers his/her gifts and employs them in a place of service. Every attending prospect finds a meaningful place to serve together with members.
  • COMPASSION. Prayerfully care, reach out, and respond out of genuine concern for real people with real needs.
  • ORGANIZATION. Organize for growth rather than maintenance, give assignments, and hold leaders accountable.
  • LEARNING. Every teacher/leader seeking to be more effective; every member seeking to obey Christ's commands; and every teacher seeking to lead an effective Bible study session that leads members there.
  • PRIORITIES. Stop juggling so many balls that you tend to drop them all; decide on and pursue one or two major priorities at a time.
  • RELATIONSHIPS. Invest in relationships with each other, prospects, and with God.

If you had to choose one of these, which would it be? Why? What would you add to the list? What can you do to prepare the runway for take off? Press the Comments button below to share your assessment and ideas. Don't allow another day or year to go by without taking the next step down the runway for Sunday School take off. Be revolutionary!

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