How Will You Prepare for Jesus to Be in Your Group?

Sunday 4th February, 2007


If you knew that Jesus was coming to your class or group this coming week, what would you do to prepare? How would you get ready? What would you do differently? Would you take any of the following actions?

  • pray more?
  • spend time in silence and solitude?
  • study the Bible more?
  • commit more scripture to memory?
  • fast?
  • confess your sins?
  • ask others for forgiveness?
  • seek to restore any strained relationships?
  • prepare your lesson more?
  • plan to teach from the Bible rather than from the teacher?
  • clean up the classroom?
  • challenge every member to be present?
  • invite every person you know and every person you meet during the week?
  • make some special visits and contacts to encourage attendance?
  • plan to invite Him to teach?
  • open with prayer?
  • avoid dealing with any business during class?
  • check to see if a larger room might be available in case of an overflow crowd?
  • arrive early?

Jesus WILL be there this Sunday if you gather in His name. In Matthew 18:20, Jesus said, "For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them" (NIV). He deserves your best prayerful preparation. He wants you to seek Him. He wants to help you. Jesus wants you to spend time with Him. He wants you to invite others to come to Him!

This Sunday, will you give Him your best? Pray. Expect His presence. Give Him your best! Don't be mediocre. Be revolutionary!

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