Measure Your Sunday School Strengths and Opportunities, Part 3

Friday 15th February, 2008

In Part 1 and Part 2, I shared the first ten statements of an article entitled How Do We Measure Up? A Tool to Assess Present Strengths and New Opportunities. The tool contains twenty statements. Because of length, I have chosen to break consideration of the statements into four parts. I won't repeat the statements here, but I encourage you to press these links to review them: Part 1 and Part 2.

In Part 3, I will share statements 11-15. Think about and evaluate your Sunday School. The article's statements are in all capitals followed by my commentary. Measure your strengths and opportunities by assigning each statement one of the following responses suggested in the article: (1) we're doing this WELL; (2) we could do this BETTER; or (3) we COULD do this:

  • PRAYER, BIBLE STUDY, REGULAR WORSHIP AND DEVOTIONAL PRACTICES ARE MODELED BY ADULT LEADERS. As various resources by LifeWay, such as Ten Best Practices to Make Your Sunday School Work, has said, "The leader is the lesson." Attenders can tell when the leader is faking it. And they will notice when leaders skip worship. In order to be spiritual leaders, teachers and other Sunday School leaders should invest in a daily quiet time. Rate this statement: (1) Well (2) Better (3) Could.
  • WE UPHOLD A STRONG CHURCH/HOME CONNECTION BY ENGAGING PARENTS IN PARTNERED LEARNING EXPERIENCES AND BY PROVIDING TAKE HOME MATERIALS THAT FOSTER FAITH CONVERSATION AND REGULAR DEVOTIONS. Want to grow strong homes? Invest in parent-child relationships. Encourage parents to lead out in the spiritual nurture of their children. Provide resources, training, and encouragement in doing so. Send materials home from preschool/children Sunday School which allows the child to continue learning through the engagement of parents. Rate this statement: (1) Well (2) Better (3) Could.
  • TEACHERS AND LEADERS ARE REGULARLY EQUIPPED AND TRAINED TO BE EFFECTIVE IN THEIR TEACHING. When a teacher or leader stops learning, they stop leading as well as they could. Training should be offered multiple times and in multiple formats during the course of the year. Every time you meet, training should be provided, even if it is only 5-15 minutes. Job descriptions should include an expectation for regular participation in training. Rate this statement: (1) Well (2) Better (3) Could.
  • TEACHERS AND LEADERS ARE RECOGNIZED, SUPPORTED AND PRAYED FOR REGULARLY BY THE CONGREGATION. Periodic times of recognition, appreciation, commissioning, and support/prayer should be planned during the year. It is much easier to care well for a good teacher/leader than to train/develop a new one. Much of this would be a corporate emphasis but some of it could be private/one-on-one. Add a focus on Sunday School to your ongoing prayer ministry. Ask your teachers/leaders to enlist prayer partners for them as individuals and their areas of ministry. Rate this statement: (1) Well (2) Better (3) Could.
  • UNCHURCHED VISITORS AND GUESTS ARE WELCOMED WITH INTENTIONAL CARE AND CONSIDERATION. Do you have a manned welcome center which greets guests, asks them to complete registration cards, and takes them to their classes? Do classes have greeters? Are your classes as open and friendly toward guests as toward each other? Are guests who are potential prospects (as opposed to out-of-town guests) asked if they would like to enroll in the class? Are they added to care groups who regularly contact, pray for, and minister to the prospects? Rate this statement: (1) Well (2) Better (3) Could.
How did you rate these five statements? Are you doing well on one or more? Could you do better on one or more? Is there one or more statement which you COULD do? Gather a leadership team to pray about and begin to address any BETTER or COULD statements. In the other three parts of this series are fifteen additional statements. Don't get overwhelmed. Focus on the one that is most important. Look for opportunity to strengthen your Sunday School. Get started. Be revolutionary.

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