Pursuing Sunday School Dropouts

Saturday 3rd March, 2007


Why do we allow Sunday School members to dropout? Do we not care? Are we lazy in our care? Are we just not persistent? Or is it that we do not know how to care? No matter what the reason, the result is the same. Men, women, teens, and children walk away and don't come back.

It is not just about numbers. It is not just about increasing or maintaining attendance. No, it is a concern for individuals. It is also a conviction that those who drop out stop growing to be like Him and stop serving Him. The harvest cannot afford to lose laborers.

What can we do to pursue Sunday School dropouts? Consider the following suggestions. Evaluate your assimilation efforts of dropouts? Which of these suggestions do you need to implement?

  • keep good attendance records
  • notice when individuals are absent
  • assign all attenders (regular and irregular) to care group leaders to contact weekly
  • encourage all attenders to develop relationships with others in the class
  • lead all attenders to pursue a place of service in the class and in the Kingdom
  • pray for attenders
  • minister to those going through stressful times
  • seek to involve all attenders in class fellowships and projects

Rodney Pry offers some good suggestions in an article entitled Snagging the Sunday School Dropout. Three of his suggestions that were different than mine include the following:

  • Involve the new members in planning.
  • Build a complete family ministry.
  • Sunday schools need to be understanding and forgiving.

Each person is worth the effort. Remember what the Lord did for you. Love Him. Love them. Be revolutionary!

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