Crafting the WOW Sunday School Experience

Friday 9th March, 2007


In many churches, worship is growing but Sunday School is not. Why is that happening? There are many potential answers to that question. Consider some of these:

  • more energy is often poured into worship;
  • leaders in worship may be preparing better;
  • people may be able to participate more in worship (singing, giving, praying, etc.) than happens in class;
  • some want to be anonymous and worship allows them to do so;
  • people may fear that in Sunday School they will be asked to read aloud or pray;
  • members often invite people to worship but not to Sunday School; and
  • people are more excited about worship.

Well, how do we turn this around? How do we "sell" Sunday School? How can we make Sunday School more exciting? How can we design a Sunday School class experience from which members and guests leave saying, "Wow"?

Revolutionary Sunday School seeks to hit a home run every week. What are the characteristics of a "WOW" Sunday School class? Rate your class in these twenty areas on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 meaning that your class is doing a great job.

  1. powerful prayer time in class
  2. teacher and members praying weekly for the class
  3. teacher and members know and call people by name
  4. guests are regularly present and often return and many join
  5. teacher is well prepared for the lesson
  6. the room is clean
  7. furnishings are comfortable
  8. temperature is comfortable
  9. lesson is relevant to where members/guests live
  10. truth that is taught is thought and conversation-provoking
  11. a great opening captivates interest in the lesson
  12. teaching methods lead to involvement by all attenders
  13. class has fun together
  14. members/guests are able to apply the truth to Monday morning
  15. attenders are honest with each other about their struggles and need for encouragement
  16. a real sense of community (koinonia) is shared by all
  17. caring follow up
  18. ministry in times of need
  19. genuine seeking after God and hunger for His Word
  20. group shares a sense of compassion and purpose.

Add up the points for all 20 areas. How did you do? A score of 75 to 100 means your class enjoys WOW moments on a fairly consistent basis. A score of 50 to 74 points means your class occasionally enjoys a WOW experience but needs to work on some areas. A score below 50 may indicate that the class is not giving attention to several of these areas. Don't go through the motions of Sunday School. Give God your best. Make Sunday School a "WOW" experience every week! Be revolutionary!

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