Choose Your Favorite Post of The Sunday School Revolutionary!

Thursday 20th March, 2008

Each of us likes different things. And in Sunday School work, each of us needs different things. It will not be long until The Sunday School Revolutionary celebrates its two-year anniversary. During that time more than 400 blog entries have been added and resulted in nearly 40,000 hits (viewings). People all over the world are getting help in areas of need and interest.

As we approach the second anniversary, I wanted to give you an opportunity to identify your favorite blog post. Below are listed the top 16 posts. I did leave out successive parts even if their hits were high enough to qualify. You can choose any blog entry (not just these 16). Press the comments button below to share your favorite and why it is your favorite.

If you have a suggestion for a topic you would like to see covered in The Sunday School Revolutionary, leave a Comment below as well. Share posts of The Revolutionary with your teachers. Share them with leaders of area churches. Work to make Sunday School and small groups life-changing! Be revolutionary!

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