Sunday School/Small Groups Can Help Adults Get Involved and Make Spiritual Progress

Sunday 15th April, 2007


Why do adults drop out of Sunday School/small groups. In my last blog entry, I talked about the importance of relationships. When attenders do not have friends or they have few friends in church, they are more likely to drop out. Sometimes, ministry was needed and no one responded. At other times, a "relationship-bump" occurs, such as a disagreement, etc.

Sometimes people drop out to go to other churches. But why did they decide to go elsewhere? According to some recent research by LifeWay Research, the top two reasons for people going to other churches (and Sunday School/small groups) include the following:

  1. Church was not helping me to develop spiritually – 28%
  2. Did not feel engaged/involved in meaningful work in church – 20%.

Bruce Raley of LifeWay talks about this research and its impact on Ministers of Education in an article entitled Latest Research--Church Switchers. I believe few churches are  addressing these reasons. I want to suggest that you ask your Sunday School/small group leadership the following questions:

  1. What are we doing to encourage people to stay involved and connected in Sunday School/small groups?
  2. Are we following up on people who drop out of Sunday School/small groups?
  3. How are we intentionally addressing the issue of making spiritual progress/growing spiritually?
  4. What can Sunday School/small groups do to ensure that attenders are involved in serving meaningfully in the church and community?

What would you discover by asking these questions? Such conversation is well worth the time when it leads to goals and action plans. The time spent in meeting, talking, and addressing these questions could result in a revolution in your Sunday School/small groups. Set up a time to do so soon. Be revolutionary!

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