Be Intentional in Your Sunday School Leadership!

Wednesday 16th April, 2008

When my Dad passed away five and a half years ago, I inherited his 1998 Lincoln Navigator (picture above looks a lot like it). My wife drives this nice SUV every day. It is roomy, comfortable, rides well, and safe. But in recent days, we have begun shopping for a replacement vehicle. The Navigator now has nearly 170,000 miles. It is needing repairs more regularly.

But the biggest reason for car shopping is gas mileage. The Navigator averages only about 12 miles per gallon. With gas nearing $4.00 per gallon, that means every mile is costing about 33 cents. That means a trip of 100 miles will cost nearly $33.00. Daily travel is eating up more and more of our limited funds as a family. We have to be more and more intentional about trips to our high school senior son's baseball games, to the store, and other places. We work to combine trips as much as we can.

And the increasing price in gas has led my wife and me to begin car shopping. Almost any vehicle we purchase will be an immediate step up in gas mileage. Most vehicles would save us more than $2,000.00 per year. That could help a lot toward any car payment necessary (even though we prefer to pay cash). But balancing this advantage is giving up a reminder of my Dad. Even my Mom, who understands why we need to do this, is sad that one more reminder of him will soon be gone. Truthfully, I am sure some of my foot-dragging about car shopping has two sources: not wanting to part with Hermon (my Dad's name that my wife gave the Navigator) and not wanting to part with the money for a newer vehicle.

In a similar way, our Sunday School leadership must be intentional. What worked in the past may not be effective in the present or future. We must think smarter. We must multiply our efforts. We must be creative. We must evaluate and plan our work. In the same way in which car shopping requires some homework and shopping around, we must not rush to implement new practices without good communication, evaluation, and planning.

Spend time with God. Seek His leadership. Understand His plan and purpose for your church, your Sunday School, or your class. Involve people in your decision. Seek ownership of plans, change, and work that needs to be done. Move forward with purpose, one step at a time. Don't waste time or effort. Our work is too important to risk ineffectiveness. Lead boldly. Lead with purpose. Lead intentionally. Be revolutionary!

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