How Often Do You Train Your Sunday School Workers?

Saturday 21st April, 2007

Regular training is essential for revolutionary Sunday School. There are hundreds of ways to train Sunday School teachers and workers. Let me share a few ideas:

  • provide a book, ask leaders to read and complete questions you provide;
  • provide a book, get together regularly to discuss each chapter;
  • take leaders to a training event provided by associational, state, or national leadership; debrief after the event;
  • request age group training from associational, state, or national leadership;
  • request topical training from associational, state, or national leadership;
  • assign a topic to different teachers and ask them to prepare a short presentation for the other age group teachers;
  • contact a neighboring church or one in a nearby association and plan to put two training events together with one church hosting while the other provides leadership for the training, then switch;
  • offer small segments of training during every worker meeting, whether weekly or monthly;
  • plan an annual overnight leadership retreat which includes training;
  • put together a Sunday School launch week which includes cleaning and setting up classrooms and training before the new Sunday School year begins;
  • provide substitutes and training for a small group of your teachers on Sunday morning during Sunday School;
  • invite the pastor to share his vision for the Sunday School this year;
  • gather your teachers to develop an agreed upon teacher covenant;
  • gather your teachers to evaluate and set goals for the coming Sunday School year;
  • provide potential teacher training at least once every year; and
  • ensure that every three to five teachers has a shepherd-coach who will meet with assigned teachers regularly to encourage, mentor, and hold accountable.
Have you tried any of the ideas above? Which ones worked best? Are there other ways you have trained your Sunday School teachers and workers? How often have you provided training? What results have you seen through training you have provided? What topics have you covered? When have you gotten the most participation? Press the comments button below and share with others about your training experiences. Don't be settle for anything less than revolutionary!

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