25 Ways to Recognize Sunday School Workers, Part 2

Saturday 26th April, 2008

In Part 1 of this three-part series, I said that Sunday School teachers and workers contribute much to the ministry of the church. Sunday School impacts discipleship, evangelism, assimilation, and ministry efforts. I emphasized that it is essential to recognize these leaders or some will burn out and quit.

I mentioned a chapter by Judy Stamey entitled Equipping the Saints to Serve in the book, Church Administration Handbook: A Revised and Completely Updated Edition. Stamey closes her chapter by offering a list of 25 ways to recognize workers. In Part 1, I shared the first third of her list. Here in Part 2, I will share the middle third of her list of ways to recognize workers. Her list is in all capitals followed by my commentary:

At the close of Part 1, I asked which of these ways you as a Sunday School leader need to implement in your work with others. Focus on one this month! In Part 3, we will look at the final eight of Stamey's list of ways to recognize workers. Recognize them. Keep them. Be revolutionary!

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