Give Sunday School to Jesus

Saturday 5th May, 2007


In Josh Hunt's book, You Can Double Your Class in Two Years or Less, he writes to encourage groups that want to double to plan times for developing relationships with lost people. This should be happening along life's pathways, but sometimes we must schedule those time in order to lead our members to think that way.

One of the ways Josh suggests leading your group to reach out is called Give Friday Night to Jesus. The concept is to set aside a regular time to invest in relationships with lost acquaintances. Many are open to coming to our homes for a meal, dessert, or fun. He found that it took inviting six to get one couple to come. But of those who came to his home, he found that 90% eventually were willing to attend group fellowships, come to group sessions, and accept Jesus.

What are you doing with your group to lead them to develop relationships with the lost? Would your group be open to giving one Friday night to Jesus per month or quarter? Imagine the stories they could share. Imagine the lost people who might attend your group. Imagine what would happen if you don't lead your group to do something!

Let me take this idea one step further. Why not give Sunday School to Jesus? Why not seek His leadership, His blessing, and His compassion? Why not set out an open chair at the beginning of the group session to remind the group that Jesus is present where two or three gather in His name? Why not ask the group "what would Jesus do" in living out every Bible lesson? Why not seek to serve Him through the group? Why not reach out to the "least of these" in Jesus' name? Why not pray for the lost to come to know Jesus and His love?

I liked a recent article by Heather Johnson entitled Church Cancelled, Service Begins. I want to challenge you to mobilize your group to live for Him. I want to challenge you to live out His truth in the world. I want to challenge you to love people into the Kingdom! Make a difference. Give Sunday School to Jesus. Be revolutionaries!

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