Sunday School Only for an Audience of One

Monday 7th May, 2007


I read a blog entry by Perry Noble that got me thinking. The entry is entitled Playing for an Audience of One. Let me ask you some questions about your Sunday School work. For whom are you doing what you are doing? For whom are you doing your Sunday School ministry? For whom are you leading God's people?

Are you teaching for the class? Are you leading for individuals in the class? Are you teaching because of the person who enlisted you? Are you teaching because of the fear of disappointing the pastor? Are you teaching for personal ego strokes? Why are you teaching? Why are you leading the Sunday School? Why are you serving? Who are you trying to please?

How would your ministry be different if you gave it to God? What if you were concerned about pleasing only an audience of One? What if you no longer were afraid of what others think? What if you no longer had to deal with your own fears? How would your Sunday School ministry be different?

How important is this issue? What steps could you take in this direction? Allow God to lead. Allow God to cheer you on. Seek to please only Him. Teach only for an audience of one. Lead Sunday School only for an audience of one.

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