Groups Creating Community, Part 2

Sunday 13th May, 2007
I mentioned in the previous blog entry that I believe revolutionary groups grow best in His likeness and numerically when real community is experienced. Josh Hunt wrote a great web article entitled Twelve Ways to Create Community in Your Group. Here are the second half of his twelve ways to create community in your group (his six ways are in all CAPITALS, and my thoughts follow):

7.        PARTY. Fun is attractive. When two people laugh together, connections are created. Parties offer opportunities for people to get to know one another in relaxed places and ways. People who sit together each week in group sessions, get to know other people better. When the group spends time together in planned and spontaneous fellowship times, community happens!
8.        MISSION PROJECTS. Working together to carry out the Kingdom work given to us by our Lord brings a group together in ways that social times never can. In fact some people, especially men, find connections with friends take place easier in these experiences. Projects lead to shared stories and memories of God and each other.
9.        OPEN YOUR HOME . Spending time in homes tends to break down many barriers for people. Meals and fun shared strengthen and deepen relationships. Homes tell a lot about people. Sometimes affinities are discovered but always openness and interest are experienced in the opening of the home.
10.        TELL YOUR STORY. When I hear your story, I understand you better. Sometimes I connect to experiences you and I share. Sometimes I see what went into making your personality. Sometimes I understand better how to pray for you. Sometimes I understand myself better because of your insight. Stories are sharing life in words.
11.        BE THERE FOR EACH OTHER. Groups that care about each other walk through life together. They celebrate with each other. They cry with each other. They are there for each other. They care and they do care. Whatever is needed is provided, often without asking. Time and money are not barriers. When individuals experience this side of the group, community goes to the next level.
12.        EAT. Parties, fellowships, projects, and many more activities include food. Eat together often. People relax at meals. They slow down. They listen. They laugh. They see each other differently than in other of life's activities. Invite group members and guests to eat with you in your home, at restaurants, and at group fellowships.

Party. Do projects. Open your home. Tell your story. Be there for each other. Eat. Implement one of these six ways to create community with your group this week. Be revolutionary!

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