Leading Attenders to Meet God in Bible Study, Part 4

Wednesday 17th May, 2006

In the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20), Jesus commanded His disciples to "go and make disciples of all nations." Then he defined how that can be done: baptizing and "teaching them to OBEY everything I have commanded you" (NIV, emphasis added). While God desires a relationship with us that is real and personal, an essential way His disciples can express that relationship is through obedience.

God desires even more from His disciples than Bible study (listening to Him) and prayer (talking to Him). In the effort toward the obedience He desires, commitment to God, His will, and His way is required. Thus, the third question that needs to be answered is this:

Are you willing to do what He wants you to do?

If you have been listening to Him, His personal message to you calls you not only to agree with Him (prayer) but to commit to obey. In some ways, this is God extending the invitation to you every time you open His Word. He is calling for a response. No response means you are saying "no" to God.

A commitment is needed in response to God's still small voice which can be heard in every passage of His Word. If God expects commitment, how can a teacher help attenders respond appropriately to God? Or in other words, since His message to each attender will be unique, how can a teacher lead attenders to make the specific commitment He desires? How can the teacher extend the invitation for a learner-specific response?

Two actions are essential. First, follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. Second, don't forget or rush the end of the lesson and ignore the need for a commitment to obey. Some people need time to reflect before they can respond as is needed. Challenge them to commit. Allow them to do so in their own way. Be revolutionary!

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