Sunday School Inviting Worship Attenders

Sunday 27th May, 2007


Did you know that many people do not attend Sunday School simply because they have never been invited? (By the way, the same is true about accepting Jesus as Savior and Lord--many don't do so because they have never had anyone share about Jesus and invite them to accept Him.) Revolutionary Sunday School trains its leaders and members to invite people!

Some of the easiest people to invite are worship guests. They are already interested enough in church that they showed up for worship. Many are seeking to understand God better. Some are looking for friendships. Sunday School can help, but many worship attenders don't take the next step because . . . no one ever invited them.

What is the best way to reach out to worship attenders (guests and church members who don't attend Sunday School)? It is the prayer and the personal invitation. Face to face is best for most people. We all like to be invited even if we say no. Invite and let the worship attender surprise you by saying yes! Here are a few additional suggestions:

  • pray each week that God will allow you to invite at least one person from worship to your class;
  • establish section captains in the sanctuary who welcome all guests and invite them to Sunday School;
  • as pastor, invite all worship attenders to stay for Sunday School or to come next week to Sunday School;
  • share Sunday School testimonies from the pulpit on a regular basis (perhaps monthly);
  • enroll all new church members in Sunday School;
  • pass along all worship guest registration information to Sunday School classes for invitation to attend class and fellowship activities;
  • expect classes to contact and invite every church member not enrolled in Sunday School;
  • publically recognize all new class births and invite worship attenders to pray for and join the new classes;
  • add all church members not enrolled in Sunday School to class prospect lists; and
  • ask care group leaders in adult and youth classes to add worship attender names to their prayer and ministry lists.

What are some other ways you have seen work? It does not have to be complicated. Don't wait until you have a perfect system before you start. Pray and take one step this week. Seek ideas from your teachers and leaders. Expect and teach your teachers, leaders, and members to invite! Be revolutionary!

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