Sunday School: It’s About People, Not a Place

Sunday 8th June, 2008

My wife and I had been looking forward to going to Sunday School this morning. We enjoy the class. We have developed relationships with some of the members in and away from class over the last few months. While our class meets in a room at the church, the class is really not about a place. No, it is more than space in the church building.

Sunday School is about people. It is about time spent together pursuing growth as disciples. This happens when the class is together at church as well as away from church. The class has a good teacher who knows there are a lot of experiences from which insights can be shared in the course of any lesson. Today's lesson on money and work was no exception.

You could tell there were painful lessons learned the hard way. It was obvious that trust was high and that understanding grew as people shared. And the group was no less open despite the presence of a couple who were attending for only their second time. The couple made a comment as we closed that made it obvious that they identified with the class. They will be back!

I am grateful for the room in which we meet. I am grateful for the furnishings of the space. I am grateful for a church who provided the electricity for lighting and air conditioning. But I am even more grateful that Sunday School is more than a place. It is about people. It is about people who are seeking God and an understanding of His Word. It is about people who are striving to learn to be more like Jesus. It is about people who care for each other and Him.

No, Sunday School is not a place. But I am glad we have a place where we can gather together on a regular basis. I was also grateful for their prayers for me while I was in Tanzania. And I gladly shared my thanks with them today for their prayers. I was able to share that I believe the trip with result in Kingdom impact. A good report!

Celebrate in the blessings of the people who make up your Sunday School. Remember that Sunday School is more than a place. Thank God for the people in your class. Share your appreciation with them. Be revolutionary!

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