Class Size vs Room Size

Thursday 15th June, 2006
What would happen if you moved a Sunday School class to a larger room every time more people attended? Would the class continue to grow? Or would it reach a point of complacency in size? Would it cease growing?

Does it make a difference whether the class is organized early in its life? What if the class has care groups, monthly fellowships, and weekly efforts to contact and enroll new people? Is there a point at which the average class loses momentum?

If 2-6 participate on Sunday morning in an average group of 10, 20, or more, then does the increase in size lead to an decrease in assimilation? Does the lack of interaction lead to a lack of relational connection? Does it lead to stagnancy? Or could breaking into smaller groups for a portion of the time allow a class to continue to grow where space does not limit it?  What is the right revolutionary strategy?

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