Sunday School Class Growth Is Spelled W-O-R-K, Part 6

Wednesday 18th June, 2008

As I said before, today everyone is busy. In the face of such busyness, what can we do to grow the class (spiritually and numerically) that God has entrusted to us? How can we work smarter (and even harder when required) and ensure that we will be more likely to realize results (class growth)? In Part 1 of this six-part series, I shared 37 class growth actions. In Parts 2-5 I shared the first thirty of those 37 actions along with a some brief comments about each one. In Part 6 of the series, I will share the final seven actions:

For the other five parts of this series, check here: What a list! Print out this list and highlight the one(s) you believe would most help your class. If you highlighted more than one, which is the most important or the one that should happen first? Plan steps to carry out this priority action. Then go back and review the previous parts of this series. Look through all 37 class growth actions. Lead your class to grow. Be revolutionary!

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