Balancing Class Growth and Multiplication

Friday 23rd June, 2006


The body dies when cells stop dividing, stop growing new ones. Cells require growth prior to multiplication. Then the nucleus (the brain) leads the way by multiplying prior to the cell.  In fact, it is unhealthy and abnormal for cells to grow and not divide.

There are many lessons about Sunday School classes in these facts. The body of Christ dies when classes stop growing new ones. Classes need to gain some maturity and numerical growth prior to starting new classes. The teacher leads the class to multiply by apprenticing a new leader. If the teacher is against multiplication, it is unlikely that it will occur.

What is the appropriate balance between growth and multiplication? It is more than the issue of the ideal number at which a class should multiply. A certain amount of health, of vitality, is needed in order for multiplication to be a beneficial experience, in order for both classes not only to survive but thrive. Revolutionary Sunday School pursues an environment that encourages multiplication.

What are the class vitals necessary for this to happen? And at what point and under what circumstances is multiplication unhealthy?  When is too soon?  How can we be sure the class is ready?  What can we do to encourage healthy class multiplication?

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