Sunday School Class Guest Follow Up, Part 2

Thursday 26th June, 2008

In Part 1 I mentioned that churches should be serious about their follow up of guests in Sunday School and worship. Guests are a precious resource worthy of personalized attention. Many are seeking a church family to call home. I began Part 1 with this assumption:  you have already taken great care of the guest on the day of their visit. The guest is already thinking and talking positively about you, your class, and church.

Now, it is time to "close the deal," to follow up. In Part 1, I focused on what a class can do after a guest has attended the class. In Part 2, I will focus on following up with a worship guest (who did not attend Sunday School). These actions after worship attendance by a guest include the following:

  • take a moment to connect with a guest at the close of the worship (last 5-10 minutes on the premises creates a strong impression)
  • walk a guest to find his/her preschoolers and to the parking lot
  • e-mail guest registration information e-mailed (or given by phone) to the class secretary on Monday or Tuesday
  • class secretary e-mails guest contact information (or given by phone) to class members to write and mail hand-written "want to invite you to our Sunday School class" cards
  • class secretary e-mails (or given by phone) assigned care group leader with e-mail address/phone number of worship guest to contact guest on Wednesday or Thursday
  • teacher calls guest on Friday or Saturday to ask if there were any questions and to invite to attend class
  • class care group leader who was assigned the worship guest contacts the guest weekly beginning the second week
  • class secretary or fellowship leader mails an invitation to the upcoming monthly class fellowship 12 days before the event
  • care group leader calls the guest 7 days before the class fellowship to ask if he/she received the invitation and if he/she needs directions or transportation

With the right attitude of genuine interest in the guest, these actions (accompanied with a good first impression on the day the guest attended) should put your best foot forward. It should give you the best opportunity for a second visit from the guest. Rate your class on each of these nine actions on a scale of 1 to 11 (with 1 being poor and 11 being excellent). Then, add up the nine scores.

If your score is 75 or more, congratulations on a great job. Keep it up! If your score is 50-74, focus on improving your efforts and score in 2-3 areas in the next quarter. If your score is below 50, begin to put in place actions that will help your class to follow up on guests (even before the first one attends). For additional guest follow up suggestions, check out Sunday School Class Guest Follow Up, Part 1. Don't be mediocre in guest follow up. Be revolutionary!

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