Take the Challenge: Outgrow Your Current Sunday School/Small Group Ministry

Saturday 30th June, 2007


Many people today thrive in an environment where there are challenges. Yes, I know there are some who believe competition is not healthy. And yet, in the face of such arguments, some of the best efforts are given when people are challenged. Mediocre ball players become superstars. Mediocre writers become bestsellers. And even mediocre Sunday School/small group ministries become awesome, growing communities.

I read an article written by John Caddy, who serves the Arkansas Baptist State Convention in the area of adult Sunday School and Small Group Ministry. The article was entitled "Placing the ROOF on Small Groups!" His third point, the second O in ROOF, is Outgrow. John says, "It should be every small group’s desire to outgrow, so they can grow more small groups." Allow me to offer a seven-part challenge as you plan your Sunday School/small group work for the year ahead.

Prayerfully plan to outgrow:

  • your space (home, office, or church) so another class/group is absolutely necessary.
  • your ability to involve every participant in the Bible study so another teacher/group leader is absolutely necessary.
  • your team's care for all attenders and guests so another class/group with another care team is absolutely necessary.
  • your ability to follow up on prospects so another class/group is absolutely necessary.
  • the box which limits your vision of what God's wants to do through you so another class/group is absolutely necessary.
  • your ability to utilize all of the leaders in your class so another class/group is absolutely necessary.
  • your ability to use all of your teacher-apprentices so another class/group is absolutely necessary to allow them to serve.

Will you accept the challenge? Which of the seven parts will be most challenging? What additional part would you add to the challenge? Where will you start? Bring other class leaders along in the challenge. Take a step this month. Don't be mediocre this year! Be revolutionary!

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