Attenders Getting the Most out of Sunday School

Wednesday 2nd July, 2008

Revolutionary Sunday School takes a team. God is the most important part of that team. Every attender should also be a part of that team. When God and all attenders are on the team working together, nothing is impossible. Reaching, teaching, and caring can be done with excellence. Growth is assured, both spiritual and new people.

I have previously written about the importance of contributions by class participants. Check out What Sunday School Members Can Do to Strengthen Class, Part 1, What Sunday School Members Can Do to Strengthen Class, Part 2, Sunday School/Small Groups Can Help Adults Get Involved and Make Spiritual Progress, and Expectations of Adult Members in Sunday School. When attenders invest in Sunday School, more work is done and they feel more fulfilled.

I recently read a blog post by pastor, Steven Wade, entitled What Am I Supposed to Do as a Participant in Sunday School? In the post, Wade lists nine suggestions for Sunday School participants to get the most out of Sunday School. Wade's nine suggestions are in all capitals followed by my commentary:

  • BE PRESENT. The group needs you and your contribution. Your spiritual growth can also benefit from the group. Faithfulness in attendance also helps to increase your trust and theirs.
  • BE PREPARED. Invest time to pray for the class and read the Bible and your lesson every week. When asked to help, spend time preparing to give your best. The more you invest, the more you will grow and can help your class!
  • BE OPEN. Listen. Learn. Struggle with the truth. Apply it. Realize your need for growth and change. Be honest about your needs and struggles. Be transparent and vulnerable, and you will help others to be the same.
  • BE CONCERNED. Care--have it and do it. Pray for attenders' needs. Help where possible. Encourage people when they are going through difficult times. Invest in organized efforts to respond to needs.
  • BE SENSITIVE. Care about feelings. Allow others to share struggles without your criticism. Allow honesty, pain, and "intimate issues" to be shared. Respond with tact and support. Again, act caringly. Seek the Lord's leadership.
  • BE PRAYERFUL. Do more than promise prayer. Do it. Pray privately for the class, attenders, and your own growth. Pray with other attenders. Pray in pairs and teams. Pray in person and by phone. Praise God and seek His help.
  • BE ACTIVE. Give of yourself and your resources. Invest time, money, and hard work for God and for others--those in the class and those in the world. Anticipate needs. Respond. Help. Give.
  • BE GROWING. Refuse to vegetate. Stretch yourself. Pray and read God's Word daily. Read your lesson. Seek information and experiences that help you to know more about God, His Word, His will, and His ways. Learn how to share your faith. Learn more about yourself, y our gifts, people, and group dynamics.
  • BE EVANGELISTIC. Reflect on what God has done in your life. Share it . Seek opportunities to tell others about Jesus, your church, and your class. Invite people. Learn a simple plan of salvation. Practice sharing your testimony. Share about benefits of Sunday School (check out Sunday School Testimony: Powerful Revolutionary Tool).

The more you invest in Sunday School, the more you will benefit from it. Be present, prepared, open, concerned, sensitive, prayerful, active, growing, and evangelistic. Be revolutionary!

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