Independence Day Sunday School/Small Group Projects

Tuesday 3rd July, 2007

We are so blessed to live free! And in many cases, we take our freedom in Christ for granted. And we take our personal and political freedoms for granted. Perhaps you stopped long enough during worship on Sunday to express your appreciation to God. We need to do more. God deserves more. Our soldiers deserve more.

How have you shown God how much you love and thank Him for the freedom you have because of Christ's sacrifice for you? Words, by themselves, are not enough. Even right thoughts and motives, by themselves, are not enough. Act it out. In the words of Nike, just do it!

How can a Bible group express its love for God? How can they act it out, do it? There must be millions of ways. Below are some ideas in which you can honor God and our soldiers at the same time. Look through the list below. Choose one or think of your own act of love. Then do it!

  • Pray for active and retired military.
  • Pray with active and retired military.
  • Send a card to all church families with loved ones in the military.
  • Focus upon the needs of one military family.
  • Do some light home repair for elderly who served in the military.
  • Volunteer to watch the children of a military spouses who are caring for children on their own.
  • Offer free car maintenance for persons whose spouses are on active duty away from home.
  • Take grocery or restaurant gift cards to military families.
  • Plan a fellowship, banquet, or service in honor of and invite all active or retired military in the community.
  • Plan a patriotic service in a nursing home in honor of all retired military residents.
  • Develop a supportive, encouraging relationship with a military family.

Sometimes war is impersonal because we don't know any soldiers who are fighting for us. Spend time with them. Get to know members of our military, active and retired. Pray for them. Support them. Love God through your act of love for our military. Be revolutionary!

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