REVOLUTIONARY Sunday School Anagram

Saturday 5th July, 2008

Over the last couple of years, I have painted a picture of Sunday School that can do so much more than it is often doing in churches. It is time to stop being mediocre. It is time to stop going through the motions. It is time to be revolutionary. In the spirit of Independence Day, I want to offer a REVOLUTIONARY Sunday School anagram.

  • R--Real. Attenders trust one another, are honest and open with each other, and they really care.
  • E--Expectant. More is expected of God, leaders, and each other; accountantability is desired.
  • V--Venturesome. Willing to risk for the sake of God, the gospel, and people.
  • O--Outreach-focused. Not everyone who is to be cared for is already in class.
  • L--Loving. Caring for those in the class and along the paths of life.
  • U--Urgent. Teaching, reaching, and caring are timely, needed, and have eternal impact.
  • T--Transformative. Life-change is expected, even if it is difficult.
  • I--Involved. Effort is expended to lead all attenders to participate in the lesson and class activities.
  • O--Outstanding. Striving for excellence in teaching, planning, and every relationship.
  • N--Need-focused. Aware of and responsive to spiritual and physical needs in the lives of members and others.
  • A--Affirmative. Encouraging, supportive, and postive to efforts to live out the Christ-life.
  • R--Record-setting. Prayerfully set and pursue goals to reach and teach more people.
  • Y--Yielded. Given to God; desiring His daily leadership of the class and of life.

May God bless you with a revolutionary Sunday School class. May He lead you to be a revolutionary Sunday School leader. Be real, expectant, venturesome, outreach-focused, loving, urgent, transformative, involved, outstanding, need-focused, affirmative, record-setting, and yielded. Be revolutionary!

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