Balanced Diet of Sunday School/Small Group Teaching Methods, Part 2

Wednesday 11th July, 2007

In Part 1, I talked about the need for revolutionary teachers to continue to expose learners to a variety of teaching methods in order to expand possibilities of achieving balance while addressing preferences. I mentioned in the previous entry that Dr. La Verne Tolbert, Founder and President of Teaching Like Jesus Ministries, has written a great book entitled Teaching Like Jesus: A Practical Guide to Christian Education in Your Church. Her focus on principles from Jesus and practices for ministry is a needed blend in churches. She has given me permission to share a "Show, Tell, Do" activity from her book that can be helpful to Sunday School teachers and small group leaders.

This is the second page of the full "Show, Tell, Do" chart from pages 66-67. Place a checkmark in the column that best describes that teaching method. Note: Several of these activities may fall into two or even three categories. Choose the category that is dominant. (The answer key can be found on pages 217-218 of the book.)

  Show Tell  Do 
35.Find the Scripture   
36.Write a letter   
37.Agree/disagree discussion   
38.Unscramble the verses   
39.Listen to a tape recording   
40.Take a walk   
41.Find locations on a map   
42.Unscramble the words   
43.Play instruments   
44.Answer in circle response   
45.Post on bulletin board   
46.Finger paint   
47.Do a dramatic reading   
48.Compose a poem   
49.Give a ten-minute sermon   
50.Dress up as a Bible character   
51.Paraphrase a hymn   
52.Write a commercial   
53.Do spontaneous drama   
54.Make a collage   
56.Write poetry/psalm   
57.Write out a Bible verse   
59.Make a mural   
60.Do role-play   
62.Make charts  
63.Write a prayer   
64.Compare songs   
66.Record a report   
67.Write a character comparison   
68.Solve a problem   
69.Do creative writing   
70.Make a video   
71.Perform a sociodrama (social problem)   
72.Write original songs   
74.Do paper cuts   
75.Make a mobile   

As I asked last time, how many of these methods have you used? These teaching methods are not just for children! In a class of six adults, you will usually find all three learning style preferences (show, tell, and do) present. Work to offer a balanced diet through the teaching methods you use. Remember to get Dr. Tolbert's book for even more practical help. Take actions not be mediocre in your teaching. Be revolutionary!

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