Sunday School Training at Super Saturday 2008

Monday 14th July, 2008

August 16
Immanuel Baptist Church, Lexington

August 23
St. Matthews Baptist Church, Louisville

September 6
First Baptist Church, Somerset

September 6
Lone Oak First Baptist Church, Paducah

September 13
First Baptist Church, Pikeville

September 13
First Baptist Church, Bowling Green
Practical Training for Kentucky Baptists
Designed to equip Kentucky Baptists for a variety of ministries, Super Saturdays are among the KBC’s most comprehensive and highest attended training events. Practical training is available in over 20 focus areas, and participants from churches of all sizes will benefit from courses taught at each event. Make plans now to join us for a Super Saturday at a location near you!

Discover the possibilities for your ministry:
  • Assimilation, Baptist Men, Church Architecture, Deacon Ministry, Discipleship, Evangelism, Finance, Hispanic Ministry, Leadership, Ministers’ Wives, Pastors/Staff/DOMs, Prayer, Preschool/Children, Secretaries, Single Adult Ministry, Small Groups, Stewardship, Students (Teen Track), Sunday School, Women’s Ministry, Worship & Music, WMU Directors, and Youth Ministry

New This Year:

  • Comeback Churches Track and Safe Church Initiative Courses


$30 per person or $20 Early Bird Special.

Early Bird registrations for the August 16 & 23 and September 13 events are due by the Monday before each event to qualify for the discount. Early Bird registrations for the September 6 events are due by Tuesday, September 2, to qualify for the discount.

Click your desired date/location below to register:

For more information contact: 502.489.3572 or 866.489.3 572 (toll free in KY) or e-mail supersaturd

Please note: This rate covers only a portion of the cost of this training; additional funding provided by the Cooperative Program.

Extended Teaching Care
Childcare is available for children ages 6 weeks – upcoming 5th graders. We regret that we are unable to provide care for special needs children.

ETC Fees: $10 per child, $25 family maximum

Advance registration is required. For more information, call 502-489-3575 or 866-489-3575 (toll free in KY).

Promotional Materials:

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Conference Descriptions

For a full listing of conferences in other program areas, go to

Select one 9:45 am conference, one 1:00 pm conference, and one 2:00 pm conference.

Courses are offered at all six locations unle ss noted by specific location codes:

  • Lx = Lexington; Lo = Louisville; S = Somerset; Pa = Paducah; B = Bowling Green; Pi = Pikeville

9:45 am Conferences
Creative Ways to Reach Children and Families
Pray and plan to reach children (grades 1 – 6) and families for Christ.

Creative Ways to Reach Preschool Families
Pray and plan to reach preschoolers and families for Christ.

Meaningful Singles’ Sunday School (Lx, Lo)
Bridge the differences in your class using care groups, fellowship, ministry and curriculum.

Using Small Groups to Reach and Disciple (Lx, Lo)
Take steps to launch and grow your small group ministry through intentional reaching and discipling actions.

Discover Dynamic Adult Classes
Lead attenders to discover His story, share their story, and shepherd His sheep.

Discover Dynamic Sunday School
(for directors and general leaders) Lead your Sunday School to discover His story, share their story, and shepherd His sheep.

Next Level FAITH Sunday School Evangelism (Lx, Lo)
Implement revisions to the FAITH strategy to improve the effectiveness of your FAITH ministry.

Reaching Beyond the Church
Kid (Lx, Lo, Pa, B)
Evaluate your community and develop strategies to reach students outside your church.

Successful Small Church Youth Ministry
Follow the example of one church that has embraced its “smallness” and reached its community.

Youth Ministry Forum (Lx, Lo)
Share coffee and conversation with veteran youth workers.

1:00 pm Conferences
Drop-in Missions Education
1:00-3:00 pm
Include missions education in fun ways in all you do with preschoolers and children.

Leading Chi ldren to Christ
1:00-3:00 pm
Join God in the spiritual formation of preschoolers and children.

Teaching the Bible in 2008
1:00-3:00 pm
Transform preschool/children’s learning experiences at church.

Reaching and Keeping Younger Single
Adults (Lx, Lo)
Take actions to involve, connect and reach out to singles ages 18-35.

The 3 C’s of Small Groups (Lx, Lo)
Empower your group through covenants, commitment and community.

Effective Discussion (Lx)
Increase involvement through stimu lating discussions.

Engage Learners in Adult Classes
Move learners toward life change by involving them mentally, emotionally and physically.

Help, I’m a New Director
(Lx, Lo, Pa, B)
Start well as a director through your leadership on Sunday and throughout the week.

Lead Your Class to Invite New People
(Lx, Lo, Pa, B)
Prepare your class to take six key steps toward becoming an “inviting” class.

New Classes Matter
Engage more workers, reach new people, and grow disciples through new classes.

Starting FAITH Sunday School
Evangelism (Lx, Lo) 1:00-3:00 pm
Prepare for a successful first semester of FAITH as you disciple, minister and reach out through this Sunday School strategy.

Teaching the Teacher
Implement proven practices for making your teaching come alive.

Don’t Be Stupid
1:00-3:00 pm
Protect yourself and your ministry with important safeguards.

Know, Own, Known
Find out if LifeWay’s new youth Sunday School curriculum is right for your students.

MySpace and Facebook (Lx, Lo, Pa, B)
Tips on how to use social networks to reach students.

2:00 pm Conferences
Support for the Newly Single (Lx, Lo)
Partner with recovering singles using helpful resources and ideas.

Characteristics of Healthy Small Groups
(Lx, Lo)
Move your small group toward meaningful relationships and life change.

Capture and Keep Attention
Use hooks and icebreakers to focus learners’ attention on the lesson.

Class Growth Made Easy
Grow your class this year in 10 easy ways.

Explosive Sunday School Growth
Launch 10 actions to grow your Sunday School this year.

Lesson Planning Tips (Lx)
Save time and be more effective in planning great lessons.

Moving Worship Attenders into Adult
Classes (Lx, Lo, Pa, B) >>>
Invite worship attenders to join your class in fellowship, life and lesson.

Successful High Attendance Day
(Lx, Lo, Pa, B)
Plan and conduct an emphasis that unites in prayer, focuses on caring, and reaches out to new people.

Positive Parent Ministry
Minister to - and with – the parents of your students.

Youth Ministry in a Comeback Church (Lx, Lo, Pa, B)
Position your youth ministry as an integral part of the Comeback process.

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