Growing Sunday Schools Have More Visitors Who Stick Around

Wednesday 19th July, 2006


Josh Hunt in his weekly newsletter writing about Thom Rainer's new book, Simple Church, writes:  The difference between growing churches and non-growing churches is not the number of visitors but whether the visitors stick around. Growing churches and non-growing churches have about the same number of visitors (calculated as a percentage of worship attendance). The difference is, in the growing churches, the visitors stick around. In the non-growing churches the visitors don't.

Those comments by Josh are just as true of Sunday School as of church and worship.  I have been in so many classes that are poor stewards of the guests that took the risk to attend.  Recordkeeping is poor.  There is no awareness of the impact of first impressions.  Communication is poor or nonexistent.  Caring does not happen.  The reponsibility for follow up is not assigned.

What would happend if we actually started retaining some of our guests?  What would happen if guests stayed and our classes and Sunday School grew?  What would happen if guests became members who became leaders?

What do you need to do as your first step toward making your classes more aware of the need here?  What is the first step you need to take?  What is the first step they need to take?  What would be the reward for our efforts?  It is up to you to make Sunday School revolutionary!

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