Don’t Throw Away Leftover Sunday School Literature; Share It! Part 2

Sunday 20th July, 2008

In Part 1, I shared that I get calls every year about what to do with used and leftover Sunday School material. The pastor, Sunday School director, or teacher who is calling hates to "waste" good curriculum and wants to know if I have a church or ministry to which the literature can be sent. Seldom can one place utilize the amount of literature of which all my callers have to dispose. So what is the answer? I mentioned that my friend, David Francis who is the director of Sunday School at LifeWay Christian Resources in Nashville, has written a great article entitled What to Do with Leftover Literature..

In the article, he lists seven ideas for sharing your leftovers. In Part 1, I shared the first three of David's seven ideas. In Part 2, I will share the final four "leftover" ideas in all capitals followed by my commentary:

  • BUNDLE WITH YOUR MINISTRY EFFORTS. David shared some great ideas here. Share pupil books and magazines when you put together welcome bags for guests and ministry bags for homebound, hungry, prisoners, shut ins, and others. Add them into registration packets for children's ministry and all other church activities.
  • SHARE WITH A BAPTIST CAMPUS MINISTRY. Of course, if one is nearby, you will want to ask if they could use the material first. But students may enjoy leafing through and reading a copy of Christian Singles or a young adult pupil book while hanging out at the BCM. Some students may even enjoy a teacher's book with additional commentary for preparing for small groups or teaching teenagers.
  • HELP OUT A STRUGGLING CONGREGATION OR MISSION. Don't assume they need your "leftovers." Ask. Your gesture of asking may open the door for sharing these resources as well as working together in other ways to impact the Kingdom! This could even be a partnership with one specific class (preschool, children, youth, or adult) in that church or mission.
  • SEND TO MILITARY PERSONNEL OR OTHER "ADULTS AWAY." Students who are out of town attending college, military personnel, and even snow birds can be in this category. Why not put together a packet or box of these materials along with some other gift certificates, essentials, or treats and mail them to these adults who are away from home and church? LifeWay has put together a resource that you will want to check out called LifeBox which is for military personnel.
In Part 1, I also made a suggestion to share leftover literature during visitation with every prospect. After all, it is a free commentary that can show them the kind of materials you use in Sunday School. Remember these ideas along with the ones from Part 1: take them to places people have to wait, leave them at places where people read while doing something else, and hand out at church events.

Do you have materials you have to throw away every quarter? Stop filling the landfill and start looking for places where it can make an impact! Remember, you don't have to use leftover literature for these great ministry projects! Share other creative ways to utilize new and leftover literature by pressing the Comments button below. Share your leftovers. Be revolutionary!

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