Would You Like to Double Your Sunday School Class?

Tuesday 14th August, 2007

As I sit here thinking about the title's question, I am beginning to realize how much is revealed by the answer to that question. I have had people answer me honestly in the negative. They don't want to double. For instance, John likes the size of his current class. Mary likes the closeness of relationships as they are now. Larry likes his class space, arrangement, and way of doing things. Each has thought through the consequences of additional people in his/her class, and it is not an appealing prospect. They are NEGATIVE.

Some simply don't know how to double or have never thought about it. It's really not that they are not interested. Doubling is just not on their radar. Teachers and workers have never been trained. No one has held up the vision or challenged them. No one is coaching them in this direction. They have never been asked to pray about doubling. They are OBLIVIOUS.

Others have tried it and failed. They gave it their best shot and no one came. Or the new class grew quickly only to die rapidly when an "extra-grace-required" student began attending. Perhaps timing was wrong, the teacher did not fit, space or resources were poor, or prospects were difficult to contact. These leaders are now negative about all future efforts to double. They are DOUBTERS.

But there are some out there who respond positively and with excitement about the possibility of doubling their class. They are interested. They are teachable and willing. This is the group in which pastors and Sunday School directors should invest their time, energy, and coaching. I don't recommend giving up on the negative, the oblivious, or doubters, but in the short run it usually takes a farmer longer to dig out a stump than to plow around it. Begin with the interested, and tell the story of and share the excitement about doubling efforts. These results can be attractive to those who were not interested.

There are many resources on the market today to help you accomplish doubling. Here are four great ones:

Where do you need to start? Pastor/director, work with interested teachers. Teacher, work with an apprentice and willing class members. Pray. Paint a big vision. Extend a challenge. Communicate. Reach. Care. Fellowship. Watch people grow. Watch the class grow. Give God the glory. Be revolutionary!

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