Aerobics and Weight Training for Sunday School

Tuesday 2nd September, 2008

At the end of June, my wife and I joined a gym. My biggest fear about joining a gym has always been caused by the no-longer-used exercise equipment in our basement: treadmill and stationary bike. In other words, I was afraid that a membership in a gym would be wasted--we would join and start with great enthusiasm only to get busy and stop going (sort of like the seed that fell on the rocky ground in Mark 4).

Anyway, I want to recommend joining a gym with someone. Yvonne makes it more enjoyable for me. Our standard practice is to cycle together, work through the weight stations, and then finish with the treadmill. We usually go after work, so it gives us a few minutes to catch up on each other's day (before we hit the treadmill and have no breath). Because we usually go together, we are going more often than we probably would separately. Other than a week of vacation, we have gone 3-5 times each week. I am adding a little distance and weight to my circuit and building up slowly. The cost has been worth every cent. We both feel better, and I have lost a tiny amount of weight.

This is the time of year when Sunday School should be seeking to start some aerobics exercise and weight training. God deserves our best efforts. We are the hands and feet of Jesus in the world. Not all of the sheep He claims are already in the sheep pen (John 10:16). Since our Lord has not yet returned we must take advantage of the time we have. Sunday School can help! Goals are needed. Small steps are needed. Positive encouraging accountability is needed.

Where does your Sunday School need to start. A Sunday School that is out of shape cannot expect to be running marathons overnight. Seek the Lord's guidance and help. Begin with an evaluation and planning time. Identify needs and dreams. Set priorities and goals. Make action plans. Set deadlines. Make assignments. Take small steps forward. Communicate. Encourage. Pray. Adjust. Don't give up! Be revolutionary!

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