Starting a New Sunday School Year with Momentum

Tuesday 9th September, 2008

What is momentum? According to, momentum is a "force or speed of movement; impetus." So when I refer to starting a new year of Sunday School "with momentum," that means starting with some forward movement, some growth. Unfortunately, too many churches lack momentum, and this time of year has so many natural opportunities for it.

How can you create movement? How can you capitalize upon the additional excitement that naturally occurs during this time of year? How can you take advantage of opportunities which can spur initial and ongoing momentum and growth? Likely nothing on my list of actions will surprise you. But it needs to be shared because we tend to neglect some of the actions unless they are planned.

As you launch another year of Sunday School, consider how you can plan each of these actions in order to add even more momentum to your Sunday School:

  • PRAY. Gather regularly (monthly?) to pray for Sunday School. Pray for prospects. Pray for visits, visitors, and contacts. Pray for new classes. Pray for teachers. Pray for God to bless and grow His people. Seek God's leadership and direction. Join Him where He is at work.
  • EVALUATE AND SET GOALS. Evaluate progress. Evaluate reaching, teaching, and caring. Consider where emphasis needs to be placed. Set goals for doing a better job. Set goals for new classes, attendance, enrollment, contacts, and teachers/workers trained. Seek God's leadership in setting God-sized goals. Lift up and promote your God-given vision.
  • START NEW CLASSES. New classes add excitement. They add teachers and workers to your efforts. They give you another hook for attracting people. Share about new classes in worship, at your welcome center, and during visits and contacts. Look for opportunities to start new Bible study groups off of campus and at other times than Sunday morning.
  • CONTACT, INVITE, AND ENROLL NEW PEOPLE. In other words, think about and invite prospects. Make contacts and visits. Invite worship guests to come to class and class fellowships. Enroll every new church member in Sunday School. Invite prospects, guests, and new members to your home or a restaurant for a meal. New people add excitement.
  • CONTACT AND MINISTER TO ABSENTEES AND REGULAR ATTENDERS WEEKLY. While focusing on the new year, new classes, and new people, don't forget the people on your class rolls. Love them. Mobilize to minister to their needs. Pray for them. Contact them. Find them places of service in your class. Include them in monthly fellowships and projects.
What other actions would you add to these five? How about training your workers? What about efforts to recognize and appreciate your teachers? What about a high attendance day or contact contest? If you have an idea or a story, press the Comments button below and share with us. Don't start a new year flat and without momentum. Pray. Evaluate. Set goals. Start new classes. Contact, invite, and enroll new people. Contact and minister to absentees and members. Create momentum. Be revolutionary.

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