What Would You Include in Your Book about Sunday School?

Tuesday 16th September, 2008

You are at church getting ready for Sunday School to start. A stranger stops you, introduces himself, and asks if you have a couple of minutes. Since you arrived early and have everything ready for the day, you answer affirmatively. The stranger tells you that he is about to begin a writing project for a new book about Sunday School. He wants your input. He asks three questions:

  • What would you include: chapters, topics, issues, etc.?
  • How should it be organized: age groups, purposes, problems, responsibilities, actions, etc.?
  • On what should it be based: principles, practices, success stories, research, author experience, etc.?

The two minutes fly by as you share your responses. Your heart races as you think of the potential for the resource. The author thanks you for your ideas and hands his business card to you. He asks you to e-mail him with additional input. You continue to think about it before, during, and after class. Despite your hesitation, you compose an e-mail with some additional thoughts. The author responds affirming your input.

This is a great scenario to use in order to get your Sunday School teachers and workers talking about effective Sunday School work. It will broach many important topics. It can actually raise the vision for greater action and accountability. It has the potential to add motivation and enthusiasm. Try it at your next teachers meeting. Don't have one planned? Plan one now. Make sure you have recorders to capture the ideas that are shared. Schedule and follow up at subsequent meetings.

By the way, I am that stranger. I am planning to begin writing that book this summer. I do value your input. And I do want to give you this forum to offer me your suggestions, ideas, and input. Please press Comments below and share your thoughts. I look forward to the result!

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