The Big Four to Be a Sticky Sunday School Class, Part 2

Saturday 20th September, 2008

I mentioned in Part 1 that there are many factors that contribute to Sunday School growth. I have written in this blog about many of them: prayer, expectations, starting new classes, planning, leadership, involvement, and so many more. Without question, one of the factors that is frequently neglected after the first year of life for a Sunday School class is "closing the back door." I have written many posts (more than 100) about issues of assimilation and have even listed Assimilation in Categories down the right side menu of the blog. Closing the back door is important because classes frequently lose more people than they gain beyond the second anniversary of the class.

So what can a Sunday School class do to maintain its passion? What can a class do to be sticky--attract and keep guests and new members? I was reminded about four factors needed to be a sticky class by an article entitled The Big 4. In Part 1, I shared the first two of four factors listed in the article. In Part 2, I will share the final two factors in all capitals followed by my commentary:

How is your class doing in closing the back door? Think about the last two people who joined your class. Are they still connected?What can you do to raise expectations and to make your group "small" in its attention to attenders? Add these two factors with the two factors from Part 1 (high expectations and small groups), and decide on an action plan for your class. Don't let one person slip through the cracks. They need the class. The Kingdom needs their involvement. Be sticky! Be revolutionary!

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