Revolutionary Teachers Are FAT

Saturday 23rd September, 2006


Revolutionary teachers are FAT:  faithful, available, and teachable. They are faithful. They are aware of the impact of their example. They can be counted on. Attenders and guests trust these teachers to lead them. Revolutionary teachers seek a closer relationship with God and desire to follow His leadership.

Revolutionary teachers are available. They are available to God. They are available to members and to guests. Class is not rushed. Get acquainted time is offered before class, after class, and between classes. Revolutionary teachers care about attenders, prospects, and their families. They are available.

Revolutionary teachers are teachable. They realize that they stop teaching when they stop learning. Revolutionary teachers are constant learners. They spend time in God's Word. They spend time learning more about teaching. They spend time learning more about how to reach and care for class members and prospects.

A good source of balanced training can be found on LifeWay's website. Want to earn a diploma for completion of four books (some of the books can be found online)? Check out the Christian Growth Study Plan. There are diplomas for adult, youth, children's, and preschool Sunday School teachers. There are diplomas for Sunday School general church leaders and associational leaders. In addition, there are diplomas for many other church leadership responsibilities.

Make plans to develop as a teacher and leader. Be faithful, available, and teachable. Be FAT! Be revolutionary!

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