Raise the Vision That Sunday School Can ’Make Disciples of All Nations’!

Sunday 23rd September, 2007

In the Great Commission, Jesus commanded His disciples to "go and make disciples of ALL nations" (Mt 28:19, NIV, emphasis added). We are His disciples today. Here is my question: Is the tool of the Sunday School, as it has been practiced, capable of reaching all people? What keeps it from reaching all people?

I have said it before, but if Sunday School is only offered on Sunday morning, 40% of people cannot attend. They are our firemen, policemen, medical personnel, shop clerks, gas station clerks, and other workers we have come to expect. Is it possible that Sunday School might need to enlarge its vision? What if Sunday School took Bible study to homes, businesses, and apartments? What if it was made convenient to people and was offered throughout the week and throughout the day? What if Bible study materials were put into the hands of everyone?

Such a plan would raise the vision of our people. It would call for additional teachers and leaders. It just might interest and mobililze a new generation of Christians to serve, to reach out, to share God's love, and to win people to Christ. When I look around, sometimes I think vision and leaders are in short supply. And current churches can't get remotely close to housing all people if Sunday School space is used only once and limited to the church campus. People sometimes only step up when they see the challenge, when the vision has been painted for them.

How can we lead Sunday School leadership to consider the need to make disciples of ALL nations? What steps can we take to offer Bible study at more times and places? How can we train and mobilize leaders? How can we increase vision and leader enlistment and development? Are we stuck with a small amount of Sunday School? Release the vision. Be revolutionary!

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