Overcoming Sunday School Problems, Part 3

Wednesday 24th September, 2008

In Part 1, I said that no Sunday School is immune from Sunday School challenges, hurdles, obstacles, opportunities, or problems. But after years of doing Sunday School work, I am convinced that when you and your Sunday School team work together with God there are no problems that are insurmountable!

In Part 1, I mentioned an article by Julia Shiply entitled 10 Problems Every Sunday School Faces. According to Shipley, "A recent survey gave insight into the problems that face the local Sunday school." In Part 1 and Part 2, I shared the first six problems from her article: lack of good Sunday School literature and resources; lack of money; lack of space; lack of support; lack of concern; and lack of growth in all age groups. In Part 3, I will share her final four problems in all capitals followed by my commentary offering some possible solutions:

Look back over Part 1 and Part 2. Take a step back to give some perspective to the problems. Which of these are the biggest ones your Sunday School faces? How can you turn them from problems to challenges and from challenges to opportunities? On which one do you need to start work first? You (plural) + God = more than enough to conquer it! Trust Him. Trust each other. Pray. Work together. Be revolutionary!

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