Be Revolutionary! Wear Name Tags in Sunday School

Wednesday 27th September, 2006


Revolutionary Sunday School is not about us. It is about God and our opportunity to join Him in Kingdom business. God sent His Son, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, so people in the world could have their relationship with Him restored. Sunday School is about equipping and mobilizing the saints for works of service. Revolutionary Sunday School is about loving those He loves. It is about loving people to Jesus. That means that we must take actions in Sunday School that are not necessary for "us." Rather we do these things for "them."

One of the actions revolutionary Sunday School takes for them is also good for us:  wearing name tags. Imagine a guest comes to your class. Class attenders are wearing name tags. A greeter meets the guest at the door and begins to get to know the guest. Class members are wearing printed name tags. The greeter helps the guest "write" his/her name on a name tag. Can class members tell the difference? Absolutely! The greeter introduces the guest to attenders and sits with the guest. Since people like to hear their names, as the class progresses names are called. By class end, the guest knows three names of attenders. Do you think the guest is more likely to return if he/she knows three people by name? Again, absolutely!

Yes, name tags do cost money. But if a guest is more likely to return if he/she knows names, aren't they worth the expense? In the long run, stick on/label name tags are more expensive because you have to have a new one every week for every attender. So other types of name tags actually become more economical. Men, do not, do not, do not buy pin on name tags. Why? Because the pins will destroy certain fabrics women wear, such as silk. Clip on or lanyard (hang around your neck) name tags are much preferred (even though slightly more expensive) than pin on name tags.

And name tags also help members remember each other's names. Some are not good with names. Some are forgetful. And many are not verbal learners, so you can tell them the name over and over and they will not remember the name. But they may be visual learners (about 60% of people today) and if they see the name one time, they will remember it (another great reason for name tags).

Name tags can be stored in a small plastic storage container and placed on a table for members to pick up on their way into class. If they are spread out, the ones not picked up are your absentees who need attention, contacts, and ministry. Another way I have seen this done is name tags are placed on a board on the way out of class. When they return the next week, they take their tags off of the board, and the ones left are the absentees.

So name tags help us connect with guests, with regular attenders, and with absentees. Sounds like a great investment to me. Be revolutionary this week. Talk to your class about how name tags can help. Then, rush out to the business supply store and invest in name tags. Connect. Communicate. Contact. Be revolutionary!

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