Revolutionary Classes Mobilize Attenders

Wednesday 4th October, 2006

Many revolutionaries know Sunday School works. We have seen lives touched, disciples made, people reached, leaders developed, friends connected, and ministries launched. We have seen apprentices trained and new classes started. We know Sunday School works.

But we are also aware of classes that are just going through the motions. They are frequently closed, sometimes unintentionally. No one is invited to class or to any fellowships. Each week, members affirm the teacher on the way out with "good lesson," but they fail to apply the biblical truth. No new leaders are trained, no new classes are started, and no one dares take any members out of the class to serve elsewhere.

What is the appropriate balance between classes that only desire a quality experience of group Bible study and those that want to have an impact on the world? What is the difference between stagnant classes and revolutionary classes? What is the difference between inward-focused and outward-focused classes? The word that comes to my mind is MOBILIZATION.


What do I mean by mobilization? Simply, mobilization is about sending people out. Revolutionary classes have a Kingdom mindset. It is not about my kingdom but about HIS. These classes send attenders out to minister. Every class participant is challenged to make a difference in the world. These classes seek to fill the open chair. They reach out. They invite guests to fellowship activities and to class. They ask people to enroll. Revolutionary adult classes intentionally send leaders out to teach preschool, children, and youth classes. They train apprentices and send seed groups out to start new classes. They pray for leaders who leave. They pray for reaching and ministering efforts. They pray for the Kingdom.

The class teacher is the key for a class to have a mobilizing attitude. A statement is relevant here from John Maxwell's book, The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership. In chapter one, Maxwell states, "Your leadership ability--for better or for worse--determines your effectiveness and the potential impact of your organization." Teacher, if you don't lead, they won't follow. Without leadership, classes perish.

Teacher, your example, expectation, and leadership do make a difference! Lead your class to send people out. Mobilize. Join the Kingdom revolution! Pastor/Sunday School director, your example, expectation, and leadership of your teachers also makes a difference! Be revolutionaries!

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