Winning Sunday School Teamwork

Sunday 14th October, 2007

I travelled to Lexington, Kentucky, yesterday to watch one of the best football games I have ever witnessed. No, it was not just good because the Kentucky Wildcats beat the #1 ranked LSU Tigers. It was the way the two teams fought. They gave their all. They never gave up. They played out of their strengths. I saw a friend on one team check on an injured friend on the other team. I saw players on opposite teams help each other to get up. I heard people cheering for both teams (more for the home team, obviously). At the end of the game, I had greater respect for both teams.

What if the church's Sunday School were to become that kind of a team? One that worked fully together to accomplish the purpose her Coach, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, gave her? What if everyone was cheering as disciples made plays? What if they helped one another? What if every team member was giving his/her all? What if they played out of their strengths (spiritual gifts, passions, abilities, personality, and experiences)?

What would teamwork in the Sunday School look like? Consider a few of these examples:

  • class members bringing guests to class and to class fellowships;
  • care group leaders leading the class to pray for and respond to member and prospect needs;
  • greeters introducing guests to members and helping them connect around affinities;
  • teachers investing time and effort in apprentices;
  • members reaching out in love to friends, relatives, acquaintances, and neighbors;
  • classes praying for and sponsoring the start of new classes;
  • classes reaching out and ministering to the needs of the community;
  • class members spending time with each other outside of class;
  • members inviting unchurched/unsaved guests to their homes;
  • members leading people to accept Jesus as Savior and Lord;
  • class participants holding one another accountable to grow as disciples;
  • class participants encouraging one another in class and between classes;
  • prayer partners spending time with God privately and together;
  • classes setting goals for contacts, new members, and attendance;
  • attenders maintaining contact and ministry with absentees;
  • members calling one another by name and getting to know guests by name;
  • every participant involved in and applying the lesson;
  • members praying and studying God's Word daily and prayerfully preparing for the Bible study session;
  • expecting to meet God in Bible study; and
  • many, many more examples.
What would you add to this list? Where does your Sunday School or your class need to work in order to develop a "winning combination" of teamwork? Where do you need to start? Pray. Work together. Encourage one other. Give your best effort to our Lord. Be revolutionary!

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