Thanksgiving Sunday School Class Projects

Wednesday 17th October, 2007

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of year for a Sunday School class. There are so many things that can be done in so many different directions. These can involve prayer, Bible study, fellowship, ministry, outreach, worship, and much, much more! Consider a few of the following ideas and take steps to make this Thanksgiving the best one in the life of your class:

  • PRAYER/BIBLE STUDY. Set aside time during every group session during November to give God thanks. Each week could have a different emphasis, like giving God thanks for (1) our families and friends; (2) for our jobs and sources of income and our country; (3) for all of the blessings of the year; (4) for God's love, Jesus, the church, and the class. Another option is to have a time of scripture reading and prayer of thanksgiving for the entire Bible study session or in a home through the week. Consider putting together a prayer guide for families for use during the week of Thanksgiving with scripture reading and devotionals for every day. Develop a Thanksgiving prayer guide for use by class members immediately following their Thanksgiving meals.
  • FELLOWSHIP. Plan a fun time together as a class. Gather in a home. Have a meal. Invite absentees and prospects. Set up a hayride. Have those who have gathered to share one thing for which they are thankful this year. Read a scripture passage, and lead the class in a prayer of thanksgiving for all of God's blessings.
  • MINISTRY. Last year, I posted a web entry that was entitled Thanksgiving Sunday School Class Ministry Projects. In that entry, I suggested several ideas that a Sunday School class ministry leader can prayerful present to the class: boxes of love, Thanksgiving feast, world hunger, needy children, prisoners, widows/widowers, and single parents. There are so many ideas, you might ask your class for suggestions. Your ministry to others during this season can lead others to give thanks!
  • OUTREACH. Plan a special Thanksgiving event (lesson, fellowship, ministry project, service, etc.), and invite unchurched persons to attend with you. Invite unchurched persons to your home for the Thanksgiving meal. Combine a ministry project with an effort to reach out to unchurched persons in the community. Share the love of Christ. Share the Gospel. Give copies of God's Word.
  • WORSHIP. Plan a special time of worship as a class to give God thanks. Plan some thanksgiving songs. Choose some thanksgiving scripture reading. Consider choral reading. Plan a thanksgiving drama/skit. Take time to pray individually and as a class. Take up an offering as an act of worship to give to orphans or widows.

Do you have some additional ideas you would be willing to share? What have you done to give God the thanks He deserves? How could you lead your class to grow upward, outward, and inward through efforts this Thanksgiving? Pray. Plan. Give Him thanks! Be revolutionary!

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