Preparation for an Adult Sunday School Class with Impact

Monday 20th October, 2008

I attended a Sunday School class today and happened to glance at the bulletin board. On it was a lilac sheet of paper which was entitled Weekly Preparation for Sunday School Class. The sheet listed ten preparation actions I want to share without comment (though I will close with some questions):

  • respect God/pray daily
  • give weekly assignments to your class
  • elect a care-taker
  • plan a class activity each month
  • do a follow-up of members of the class once a week
  • plan to have an organized, flexible visitation plan weekly
  • establish a relationship through visitation
  • pray a lot about materials you choose in teaching, with Bible as a Guide, plus visual aids, etc.
  • be the spiritual force through Sunday School to help each of us in facing new challenges for the week; share your faith
  • make sure class members know that every day someone is in prayer for them, their needs, and their families

What would you leave out of this list? How would you change items on the list? What would you add to the list? How are you doing at carrying out the actions on the list? Press Comments below and share your thoughts. What would happen if adult class teachers (and members) took this list seriously? Which action do you need to address this week? What can you do? Share your commitment to address one of the actions with someone else. Prepare to change the world through your class. Be revolutionary!

For additional information about preparation, check out the following:

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