High-Expectation Sunday School

Sunday 21st October, 2007

I've said it before: God deserves our best. He expects our best. This is obvious from the beginning of God's interaction with man (see Genesis 4). This is true for the the body of Christ. Our Lord and Savior suffered and died for us. He deserves our best. He has placed the work of the body into our hands. He has told us in John 14:12 (NIV), "I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father." He expects our best.

Sunday School is one tool we have to accomplish the work He has given us. Sunday School can enable us to reach, teach, minister to, fellowship with, and worship Him with people. Through Sunday School, we should give Him our best.

How can we do so? Consider these ways you may be doing so or may desire to begin doing so:

  • pray daily for God's leadership of the Sunday School (expect nothing less);
  • expect God to bless and use the Sunday School;
  • expect God to send people with the SHAPE needed (spiritual gifts, heart, abilities, passion, and experiences) to accomplish everything He commands;
  • expect God to change lives;
  • expect maturational, numerical, organizational, and missional growth;
  • expect classes to grow;
  • expect classes to start new classes;
  • expect people to accept forgiveness and a relationship with Jesus Christ;
  • expect leaders to apprentice other leaders;
  • expect people to say "yes" to opportunities to serve;
  • expect teachers to prepare well, arrive early, and invest in class members and prospects;
  • expect teachers to lead attenders to meet God in Bible study and to involve them in the encounter;
  • expect absentees and prospects to be pursued lovingly and persistently (John 10:12-13);
  • expect fellowships to be planned and attended eagerly;
  • expect care group leaders and class members to meet the needs of members and prospects;
  • expect class greeters to lead the class to greet and make great first impressions every time;
  • expect Bible study groups to be started in the community so unchurched can be led to Jesus;
  • expect all Sunday School leaders to train and plan in order to give their best efforts to God;
  • expect leaders and members to invest in a daily quiet time;
  • expect every Sunday School member and leader to invite people to Sunday School, to fellowships, and to Jesus;
  • expect people to mentor/invest in new Christians; and
  • expect the Sunday School to be organized to do effective Great Commission work.

What are other expectations that a high-expectation Sunday School should have? Share them by pressing the comments button below. Your thoughts may challenge other Sunday School leaders. Don't be overwhelmed by the list. Give God your best by praying and then working to improve the most important area first. (That might mean you need to spend time prioritizing the list--number in order of importance.) When the top one is in place, work on the second most important area. Keep working your way through the list. Seek God's help. Expect the best. Be revolutionary!

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