How to Evaluate Your Sunday School Facilities

Monday 22nd October, 2007

Bob Metcalf has put together a great resource for LifeWay entitled How to Evaluate Your Church Property. I really like his opening paragraphs:

Imagine you have just moved into your community. You are looking for a new church home and are visiting this church for the first time. You do not know anyone who attends this church. Based strictly on buildings and church space, how would you decide if this church would be the right place for you? What would influence your decision?

Now, I understand that we should follow the Lord's leadership--second to none--in seeking a church home! I also understand that the human element of a church can impact more positively or negatively than the facilities themselves. But facilities can make strong first impressions.

Metcalf's resource helps you to survey eight areas to see how your church measures up:

  • Outside the church
  • Entering the church
  • Worship
  • Education space
  • Fellowship hall
  • Administrative areas
  • Music support space
  • Other areas

The whole six-page resource should be given to those in charge of the care of and planning for the facility. His seven questions about education space are worth weighing:

  • Are the classrooms large enough to make them usable for various age groups and teaching methods?
  • Is there flexibility--by using some movable walls, making rooms accessible without having to go through other rooms?
  • Does there appear to be adequate storage?
  • Are there room identification signs?
  • Are the preschool areas located conveniently near main entrances and the worship center?
  • Is the preschool area arranged so children can be left and picked up without disrupting other children?
  • Do preschool rooms communicate a sense of security and warmth? How would you feel about leaving your child there?

For more information about Sunday School space, check out Revolutionary Adult Sunday School Classroom Space, General Sunday School Issues: Welcoming Guests, and Conduct an Adult & Student Sunday School Space Walk. Take your facility team on a space walk. Plan to make a great impression through your Sunday School space. Be revolutionary!

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