Revolutionary Classes Adopt Other Classes

Monday 23rd October, 2006

Why do so many Sunday School leaders try to do everything alone? Yes, it is often faster to do so--at least in the short run. The church, like the human body, is connected for a reason. We are more effective when we work together.

Paul writes in 1 Thessalonians 5:11 (NIV):  "Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing." Encouragement is much needed in our work together. Encouragement helps us to finish what we start, reach higher and farther, recognize what we have accomplished, and stay positively accountable to each other.

Revolutionary Sunday School adult classes are encouragers! One way a class can be an encourager is by adopting or sponsoring another class. The other class can be a new class or an existing class. It can be a class of similar age group or completely different.


What is involved in adopting or sponsoring another class? There can be many facets of encouragement provided by the sponsoring class, but I wanted to share three:

  • pray for the class,
  • invite people to the class, and
  • fellowship with the class.

PRAYER. Prayer can be one of the most neglected sources of encouragement for a new or existing class. Take seriously the privilege and responsibility to pray for the class corporately and privately. Pray for the teacher and class leaders. Pray for lives, lessons, and learning. Pray for members and prospects. Pray for fellowships and projects. Pray for God's intervention. Pray for change and growth.

INVITATIONS. Invitations are concrete actions of support for the sponsored class. Recognizing the age group and inviting persons who would fit in the class are great encouragement. Invite individuals in worship and in the community. These can be friends, relatives, associates, or neighbors. Help the class to grow through your invitations!

FELLOWSHIP. Fellowship is encouragement in human form. Invite them to one of your class fellowships. Plan some fellowships together. This can be an adult class sponsoring a youth class for a fun fellowship activity. This can be an adult class sponsoring a children's class for a ministry project. This can be a men's class with another men's class. The options are endless.

Pray about which new or existing class you can sponsor. Adopt the class. Be revolutionary and help the adopted class to be revolutionary as well!

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