Five Actions to Make Sunday School More Valuable, Part 2

Saturday 25th October, 2008

In Part 1, I asked if you would like (1) to increase your Sunday School attendance, (2) for members to attend more regularly, and (3) for attenders to invite guests? I said that all of these could be possible if you could figure out a way to make Sunday School more valuable. What can you do help attenders to increase its value in their sight?

I mentioned a blog post by Joshua Pappas, a Church of Christ minister, that shared five ways to make Sunday School more valuable. The post is entitled Is the Bible School Worth Saving? Bible School is another name for Sunday School. Hear what Pappas has to say. In Part 1, I shared the first two of his five actions. In Part 2, I will share the final three of his five actions in all capitals followed by my commentary

What could you do to add value to your Sunday School? What personal actions could you take? How could you lift up its value? Not involved in a class? Get involved. Not teaching? Start a class. Already involved? Share your testimony about the privilege it is and the fun you are having. Invite people. Affirm teachers and workers. Pray. Your leadership makes a difference. People are missing the opportunity because they don't think it is valuable. Help them to consider what they are missing. Invite them to a great experience. Be revolutionary!

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