Apply God’s Word Through a Sunday School Project This Thanksgiving

Sunday 26th October, 2008

Over the last two and a half years, I have written posts about many important actions of Sunday School revolutionaries. Here are the top dozen most viewed posts from most to least hits (from 857 hits to 301 hits):

The reality is that some of these posts are older and have had more time for more hits. Others, are newer and quickly catching up. Two sets of these posts have surprised me a little (and should not have): those about teacher appreciation and those about Thanksgiving ministry projects. I guess my assumption was that since they are more focused on a specific part of the calendar, they would not be as popular as those which apply year-round. Wrong!

It is right to honor Sunday School teachers and workers. While this is often done in October or May, appreciation can be (and should be) done all year long! If you have not expressed your thanks to your Sunday School teacher, directors, and workers, do so verbally or with a gift! For additional ideas, check out Plan Your Sunday School Teacher Appreciation Day, 25 Ways to Recognize Sunday School Workers, Part 1, 25 Ways to Recognize Sunday School Workers, Part 2, and 25 Ways to Recognize Sunday School Workers, Part 3.

But I really should not have been surprised that my posts about Thanksgiving class ministry projects were popular. After all, revolutionary Sunday School is God's Word heard, taken to heart, and put into practice! It is leading them to meet God and to serve Him in the world. And isn't that what Thanksgiving class ministry projects are all about? Allow a project this Thanksgiving to move your attenders out of the classroom and into the community. In my experience, practicing God's Word and God's love is fulfilling and even addicting!

Look at your lessons this month. Think about the people in your class. Consider the needs of your community. How can you praise, thank, and show others your appreciation for God? What response does God desire your class to make? What can you do to impact your community while stretching your class to make a difference? Consider some of the ideas in these posts (along with the one above): Thanksgiving Sunday School Class Projects, Sunday School Outreach Ideas, How Are You Thankful for Sunday School?, and Pausing to Give Thanks in Sunday School at Thanksgiving.

As a church-wide Sunday School or as an individual class, I want to challenge you to apply God's Word through a Thanksgiving ministry project. Practice what you teach and preach. Touch lives. Share His love and His Word. Express your appreciation for Him. Be revolutionary!

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